Relationship Counseling

Relationships are an extremely important part of our life. Some people might even say that they are the most important part of our life. We know for sure that relationships are the most fertile ground for personal growth. Through the challenges we experience with others, we are given opportunities to process unexpressed emotions, step up and act from the heart with integrity and respect for ourself and others, and learn about who we are, and what love is. Without any relationships, we might end up feeling lonely.

So how do we go about having healthy and fulfilling relationships with people? It starts with how healthy our relationship is with ourself. The more we love ourself and understand that taking care of ourself first is the priority, the more solid boundaries we will have and the less likely we will find ourselves in bad relationships with others. It starts with us first. Then the change in us causes a change in others.


Many of us were born into families where we did not have healthy relationships with one or both of our parents. In fact, the challenging relationship we had with one or both of our parents was actually toxic, and even abusive, and because we were young and our core beliefs about ourself and life were forming, we developed convictions about ourself that are untrue and cause us to experience the same unnecessary struggles repeatedly. 

When a significant relationship in your life has been an ongoing struggle, it means that there is a part of you that is at odds with yourself. There is a part of the inside of you that is not aligned with your outside life. It's happening to encourage you to grow, learn more about who you are, how to take care of yourself, and give you opportunities to live with more peace and integrity.


Whether someone is your parent, friend, romantic partner or boss there is usually a way to have a better relationship with them. Sometimes the relationship may call for large physical, mental and emotional boundaries. In some cases, such as if the person has Narcissistic Personality disorder, the relationship may need to be almost nonexistent, or in more rare cases cut off completely. It's not easy, we are being stretched to love ourself enough to not allow others to abuse or disrespect us. But the good news is that there is a way to live in this world and experience only healthy relationships with people.

If you are struggling in your relationship(s) with your partner, family member, friend or someone else in your life, then relationship counseling will help you. Having a bad relationship with someone significant is one of the most common ways a person's life and mental health can be negatively impacted. Sunshine Heals is here to assist you with all of your relationship challenges. You don't have to stay stuck where you are. Happiness is possible!

Intuitive Counseling Services

One Question (done via email) $50
Good if you need to get clarity in one area of your life.

Intuitive Counseling session (done via email) $125
Answers to five of your questions that may be spaced out up to two months
You will be given intuitive insights and advice about future possibilities or options you haven’t considered.

Intuitive Counseling session (done by Phone or Live Video) $150
The session will last from 60 to 90 minutes. With a follow up 30min. session.
You will be provided with clarity and intuitive insights. You
 will be guided towards your highest timeline.

Intuitive Counseling Package (done by Phone or Live Video) $500 (5 sessions)
Each session will last from 60 to 90 minutes.
We will tackle a huge problem or life challenge you are having.

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Note: If you feel drawn to Sunshine Heals Counseling but cannot afford a service please contact us and we will try to work with your budget.

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